I’ve got everything you need to start stitching..

Which Farmers Market design tickles your fancy?

Three Ways To Craft

What's your druthers? Which pattern format suits you best?


If you'd rather cut to the chase and get going in an instant. Use your own printer, materials and felt colors of your choosing. SVG files available at checkout.


If you'd rather have your full pattern in tact? With my pre-printed, gift-worthy Pattern Pack choose your own felt palette, gather the materials and begin making your home your own. Scissor-saving SVG files available to accompany your kit..


If you'd like the palette determined and the materials gathered, the Craft-Ready Kits pull everthing together so you can move craft-forward with confidence towards total couch-couture! SVG files available to accompany your kit.

See What Other Threadheads Are Saying

I made the Dogwood Flower Pillow and the kit was so fun to open! I chose to hand cut the pieces and found the instructions to be very helpful in making it a smooth process and kept the paper pattern in tact! Each layer added to the pillow base was exciting as I could see it coming together and it ended up as pretty as the picture!! Found that it was such an adaptable pattern that you can easily follow the instructions and machine sew it, but it is also very hand sewing friendly as well. Could be a great car or down time project because once the felt pieces are ironed on, you can take it anywhere with some thread and a needle! My living room just got an upgrade with the finished pillow! I think I will try the pumpkin pillow next! 


Working with Betsy at RubyThreadgood was the exact kind of experience you want when creating something. She is extremely collaborative and makes you feel comfortable as she leads you through the process.In the end, we received a camp flag for our son’s room that exceeded the initial idea. Its become the center piece of his room and we will cherish it for years to come.I would definitely recommend working with Ruby Threadgood, nothing but positive vibes from beginning to end.


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