Pumpkin Patched

Beautifully designed in autumn tones, the Pumpkin Patched design provides the perfect accent for when cooler air moves in. Tapping into a bounty of shapes and colors, this fall festival favorite is nestled in a wreath of vines, all rendered with a classic Arts & Crafts flavor, with a little southern seasoning. It's THE complement to that wingback by the fireplace - and sets the tone for a season of abundance and gratitude.

For every motif I design, Ruby Threadgood provides three ways to get started. You may be a veteran threadhead who just wants patterns or SVG's in order to craft this pumpkin-y pillow with maximum flexibility. Or, You're someone who prefers to get all the essentials provided in a box, ready to go. I've got the goods to get you going, regardless of the preferred starting point. Take a look at the different ways you can access this design below.