Dogwood Blossom

Spring has sprung and color is popping all around. The Dogwood Blossom design brings the outside in by featuring two soft pink dogwood blossoms – one of the South's most iconic flowers – as a centerpiece of the design. This pillow is the perfect complement to a bright, airy setting that still manages to balance the warmth of southern-styled Arts & Crafts - whether it's white wainscoting or custom-cut-glass transoms. If you're weary of wintry weather, let the Dogwood Blossom help you usher in May flowers and a new attitude.

For every motif I design, Ruby Threadgood provides three ways to get started. You may be a veteran threadhead who just wants downloadable patterns or SVG's in order to craft this flowering, fluffy pillow with maximum flexibility. Or, You're someone who prefers to get all the essentials provided in a box, ready to go. I've got the goods to get you going, regardless of the preferred starting point. Take a look at the different ways you can access this design below.