Welcome To Ruby Threadgood!


Hey there, I’m Betsy – the graphic designer and maker behind Ruby Threadgood. Can I tell you a bit of my story?
Born to parents from North Carolina's Appalachia, I grew up in a home shaped by quick-witted common sense, down-to-earth character, and an easy-going faith fueled by gratitude.
Ruby, my mother, taught herself to sew making doll clothes as a little girl. Sewing was her favorite thing and our house was full of beautiful pieces she made which connected us to our home and to each other. She wielded her needle on behalf of those she loved, teaching me early on that gifts made by both heart and hand are the most meaningful.

Growing up, I made this mantra my own by crafting personalized gifts for family and friends – seeking to capture a signature characteristic I loved about them. It was my way of saying, "I see you; I love you.” My mom and I spent many hours together as she taught me how to sew and combine patterns to express my creative spirit.
That creative spirit carried me to New York City where I studied at Parsons School of Design and enjoyed 20 years of working with amazing creatives from all over the world. But when the rush and tumble of New York's design scene began to fade, I longed to return to my roots in the foothills of North Carolina. Here I realized how I missed my years of making things with my hands. In my new (and old) home, there was a longing to thread together seemingly disparate passions for graphic design and hand-crafted Southern hospitality.
Borrowing my mother's name, I started Ruby Threadgood as a means to expand my graphic design background into something I could build upon, and to share beautiful stories stitched together using the vernacular of needle and thread - her native language.
That initial desire has grown into a carefully curated library of patterns and kits, as well as finished pieces. It's like a Southern casserole of heart-felt craft.
The goal of Ruby Threadgood is to help you make meaningful connections with heart- & hand-crafted gifts and keepsakes – all while engaging your creative side. You could say it's a mission - to place a hand-made gift in the heart of every person.
So indulge yourself, and join me in tapping into the pursuit of stitched-based story-telling. After all, sewing is a language of love.